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Common Phrases From Amharic to Azerbaijani

አመሰግናለሁÇox sağ ol
አባክሽንZəhmət olmasa
በህና ሁንsağol
አላውቅምMən bilmirəm
ገባኝMən başa düşürəm
አስባለውMən belə düşünürəm
ምን አልባትOla bilər
ደህና ሁንSonra görüşərik
ተጠንቀቅÖzündən müğayət ol
እንደአት ነው?Nə var nə yox?
ግድ የሌምEybi yoxdur
እርግጥ ነውƏlbəttə

Interesting information about Amharic Language

Amharic is a Semitic language spoken by millions of people primarily in Ethiopia. It serves as the official working language and one of the most widely used languages in the country. With its origins dating back to ancient times, Amharic has evolved into a complex linguistic system with unique features. The script used for writing this Afro-Asiatic language is called Fidel, consisting of 33 basic characters representing consonants combined with vowel modifications. Notably rich in vocabulary and grammar, Amharic boasts an extensive verb morphology that includes tense markers indicating past or future events. Additionally, it employs various grammatical constructions such as subject-object-verb word order and gender agreement between nouns and adjectives. Despite being predominantly spoken within Ethiopian borders, Amharic holds cultural significance beyond national boundaries due to Ethiopia's historical influence on African politics and religion throughout centuries.

Know About Azerbaijani Language

Azerbaijani, also known as Azeri or Azerbaijani Turkic, is the official language of Azerbaijan. It belongs to the southwestern branch of the Turkic language family and has over 30 million speakers worldwide. The majority of its speakers reside in Azerbaijan and Iran but it's also spoken by communities in Turkey, Russia, Georgia, Iraq and other countries. Azerbaijani uses a modified Latin alphabet since 1991 (previously Cyrillic) with some additional characters for specific sounds. Its grammar follows agglutinative patterns where suffixes are added to words for various grammatical functions such as tense or case marking. Vocabulary-wise it shares similarities with Turkish due to historical connections between these two languages while incorporating Persian loanwords too.

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