Belarusian to Lingala Translation


Common Phrases From Belarusian to Lingala

Калі ласкаPalado
добры дзеньMbote
Да пабачэнняAurevoir
Як ты?Boni?
ПрабачцеLimbisi nga
не ведаюNayebi te
Я разумеюnakangi ntina
Я так думаюNakanisi ete ezali bongo
магчымаMbala mosusu
Да пабачэнняTomonani
Беражыце сябеKotya likebi
Як справы?Nini ya sika?
Не бядаLikambo te
КанешнеYa solo
Адразу жMbala moko

Interesting information about Belarusian Language

Belarusian is an Eastern Slavic language primarily spoken in Belarus, a landlocked country located in Eastern Europe. It serves as the official language of Belarus and holds minority status in neighboring countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Ukraine. Approximately 6-7 million people speak Belarusian worldwide. The language belongs to the Indo-European family and shares similarities with other East Slavic languages like Russian and Ukrainian. However, it has distinct phonetic features including nasal vowels not present in its counterparts. Historically suppressed during Soviet rule when Russian was promoted instead, efforts have been made to revive the use of Belarusian since gaining independence from the USSR. Today there are numerous schools teaching exclusively or predominantly using this native tongue.

Know About Lingala Language

Lingala is a Bantu language spoken by over 10 million people in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and neighboring countries. It serves as one of the national languages alongside French, Swahili, and others. Lingala originated from trade interactions between local communities along the Congo River during colonial times. It has three main dialects: Standard Lingala used for official purposes; Spoken or Urban Lingala common among city dwellers; and Bangi-Langhi variant prevalent near Kinshasa. The language uses a Latin-based alphabet with additional diacritical marks to represent unique sounds. Notably, due to its widespread use across regions within DRC, it plays an essential role in fostering communication amongst diverse ethnic groups who speak different native tongues.

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