Bulgarian to Georgian Translation


Common Phrases From Bulgarian to Georgian

Благодаря тиᲒმადლობთ
Моля теგთხოვთ
Как си?Როგორ ხარ?
Извинете меᲣკაცრავად
Не знамᲛე არ ვიცი
разбирамმე მესმის
така мисляასე ვფიქრობ
Може биᲨესაძლოა
До скороᲛოგვიანებით გნახავ
Пази сеᲘზრუნოს
Какво става?Რა ხდება?
Няма значениеᲓაიკიდე
Разбира сеᲠა თქმა უნდა
Да тръгвамеᲬავედით

Interesting information about Bulgarian Language

Bulgarian is a South Slavic language spoken by approximately 9 million people primarily in Bulgaria. It has official status in the country and is also recognized as a minority language in several neighboring countries. Bulgarian uses the Cyrillic alphabet, which consists of 30 letters including six vowels and twenty-four consonants. The grammar features three genders (masculine, feminine, neuter) and seven cases for nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and numerals. Interestingly, it lacks grammatical articles but employs definite article suffixes instead. The vocabulary of Bulgarian includes loanwords from various languages like Greek,Turkish,French,and English among others.Bulgaria's accession to EU led to an increase in borrowing words directly from other European languages.The phonetics are characterized by softening or palatalization processes that affect certain consonant sounds when followed by front vowels.In terms of dialects,Bulgarian can be divided into Eastern,Southern,Northeastern,Rup,Dobrudzha,and Western groups.Due to its unique characteristics,the study of Bulgarian linguistics attracts researchers worldwide.

Know About Georgian Language

Georgian is the official language of Georgia, a country located in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. It belongs to the Kartvelian family and has its own unique alphabet consisting of 33 letters. Georgian is one of the oldest living languages with a rich literary tradition dating back over 1,500 years. The language boasts numerous dialects but maintains mutual intelligibility among speakers across regions. Its grammar structure differs from most Indo-European languages as it lacks gender distinctions or articles while employing an agglutinative verb system. Georgian serves as both written and spoken communication for approximately four million people worldwide, primarily in Georgia itself where it holds significant cultural importance alongside other ethnic minority languages such as Abkhaz and Ossetic.

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