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Interesting information about Dhivehi Language

Dhivehi, also known as Maldivian, is the official language of the Republic of Maldives. It belongs to the Indo-Aryan family and shares similarities with Sinhala spoken in Sri Lanka. Dhivehi has its own unique script called Thaana which consists of 24 letters derived from Arabic numerals. With around 350,000 native speakers primarily residing in the Maldives archipelago, it serves as their mother tongue for everyday communication and writing purposes. Historically influenced by various languages including Sanskrit and Tamil due to trade relations across South Asia over centuries; however today's Dhivehi vocabulary predominantly comprises loanwords from English following British colonial influence during early-20th century.

Know About Javanese Language

Javanese is a language primarily spoken by the Javanese people, who reside mainly in Indonesia's island of Java. It belongs to the Austronesian family of languages and has approximately 98 million speakers worldwide. The Javanese script is based on Brahmi characters but also incorporates elements from Arabic, Latin, and other scripts due to historical influences. The language exhibits three major dialects: Central (Surakarta/Yogyakarta), Eastern (Malang/Surabaya), and Western (Jakarta/Cirebon). Additionally, it possesses several levels of speech register that reflect social status or formality. Javanese vocabulary includes loanwords from Sanskrit as well as borrowings from Dutch during colonial times. Traditional arts like wayang kulit shadow puppetry often employ Javanese for storytelling purposes.

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