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Common Phrases From Galician to Gujarati

Por favorમહેરબાની કરીને
Sentímoloમાફ કરશો
Como estás?તમે કેમ છો?
Con permisoમાફ કરશો
Non seiમને ખબર નથી
Entendoહુ સમજયો
Eu creo que siમને લાગે છે
Pode serકદાચ
Ata despoisપછી મળીશું
Cóidateકાળજી રાખજો
Qué hai?શું ચાલી રહ્યું છે?
Non importaકંઈ વાંધો નહીં
Por supostoઅલબત્ત
Agora mesmoતરત જ
Imosચાલો જઇએ

Interesting information about Galician Language

Galician is a language spoken in the northwestern region of Spain, primarily in Galicia. It belongs to the West Iberian branch of Romance languages and shares similarities with Portuguese due to their historical connection. With over 2 million native speakers, it holds official status alongside Spanish within its autonomous community. The origins of Galician can be traced back to medieval Latin and Vulgar Latin dialects that were influenced by Celtic languages spoken in ancient times. Its written form has been standardized since the late 19th century through various spelling reforms aimed at preserving linguistic heritage while adapting to modern usage. Notably, Galician literature boasts renowned authors like Rosalía de Castro and Álvaro Cunqueiro who have contributed significantly to its cultural richness.

Know About Gujarati Language

Gujarati is an Indo-Aryan language primarily spoken by the Gujarati people in the western state of Gujarat, India. It has around 66 million speakers worldwide and holds official status in both Gujarat and Dadra and Nagar Haveli. The language belongs to the family of Indo-European languages, specifically part of the Western branch. Gujarati uses a script derived from Devanagari called "Gujarātī Lipi" or "ગુજરાતી લીપી." Known for its rich literary tradition, it boasts numerous poets like Narsinh Mehta who contributed greatly to medieval devotional poetry known as bhakti movement literature. Additionally, Gujarati plays a significant role among Indian diaspora communities globally due to migration patterns over centuries

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