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Common Phrases From Hausa to Khmer

na godeសូមអរគុណ
Don Allahសូម
Yi hakuriសុំទោស
Barka da warhakaលាហើយ
Yaya lafiya?អ្នក​សុខសប្បាយ​ទេ?
Ku yi hakuriអត់ទោស
Ban sani baខ្ញុំមិនដឹងទេ។
Na ganeខ្ញុំ​យល់
Ina ji hakaខ្ញុំ​ក៏​គឹ​ត​ចឹ​ង​ដែរ
Sai anjimaជួប​គ្នា​ពេល​ក្រោយ
A kulaថែរក្សា
Me ke faruwa?មានរឿងអី?
Kada ku damuមិន​អី​ទេ
I manaពិតប្រាកដ​ណាស់
Nan takeភ្លាមៗ
Mu tafiតោះ​ទៅ

Interesting information about Hausa Language

Hausa is a West African language spoken by approximately 70 million people, primarily in Nigeria and Niger. It belongs to the Afro-Asiatic language family and specifically falls under the Chadic branch. Hausa serves as one of Nigeria's official languages alongside English due to its widespread use across various regions. The writing system used for Hausa is based on an Arabic script known as Ajami, although it can also be written using Latin characters. This flexibility allows for both religious texts and modern literature to be composed in this rich linguistic tradition. With numerous dialects existing within Hausaland, mutual intelligibility remains high among speakers from different areas. Additionally, many non-native speakers learn Hausa due to its importance as a regional trade language throughout West Africa. Overall, the prominence of Hausa reflects its cultural significance while contributing significantly towards communication diversity in Western Africa.

Know About Khmer Language

Khmer, also known as Cambodian, is the official language of Cambodia. It belongs to the Austroasiatic language family and is spoken by approximately 16 million people worldwide. Khmer uses its own unique script derived from ancient Brahmi scripts. The grammar structure of Khmer is influenced by Sanskrit and Pali languages due to historical connections with Hinduism and Buddhism in Cambodia. The writing system consists of a syllabic alphabet where each consonant has an inherent vowel sound that can be modified using diacritical marks. Khmer vocabulary includes loanwords from various neighboring languages like Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, French, English among others due to cultural exchanges over centuries. Traditional literature plays a significant role in preserving the rich history and culture through epic poems such as "Reamker" based on Ramayana mythology. Overall, Khmer stands as an essential part of Cambodian identity while reflecting influences from regional cultures throughout its development.

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