Hawaiian to Amharic Translation


Common Phrases From Hawaiian to Amharic

E ʻoluʻoluአባክሽን
E kala maiአዝናለሁ
Alohaበህና ሁን
Pehea ʻoe?ስላም?
E kala mai iaʻuይቀርታ
ʻaʻole maopopo iaʻuአላውቅም
Maopopo iaʻuገባኝ
Pēlā koʻu manaʻoአስባለው
Malia pahaምን አልባት
A hui hou nōደህና ሁን
E mālamaተጠንቀቅ
He aha lā?እንደአት ነው?
Hoʻopoinaግድ የሌም
ʻae nō hoʻiእርግጥ ነው
I kēia manawaወዲያውኑ
E hele kāuaእንሂድ

Interesting information about Hawaiian Language

Hawaiian is a Polynesian language spoken by the indigenous people of Hawaii. It has around 24 letters in its alphabet and features simple phonetics, making it relatively easy to pronounce for English speakers. The Hawaiian language holds cultural significance as it was traditionally used in chants, songs, and storytelling. However, due to colonization and efforts to suppress native languages during the late 19th century onwards, Hawaiian experienced a decline in usage over time. In recent years though there has been an increased effort towards revitalizing the language with various initiatives promoting its learning and preservation. Today, there are estimated to be approximately 2,000 fluent speakers of Hawaiian along with many more learners who aim at keeping this unique linguistic heritage alive.

Know About Amharic Language

Amharic is a Semitic language spoken by millions of people primarily in Ethiopia. It serves as the official working language and one of the most widely used languages in the country. With its origins dating back to ancient times, Amharic has evolved into a complex linguistic system with unique features. The script used for writing this Afro-Asiatic language is called Fidel, consisting of 33 basic characters representing consonants combined with vowel modifications. Notably rich in vocabulary and grammar, Amharic boasts an extensive verb morphology that includes tense markers indicating past or future events. Additionally, it employs various grammatical constructions such as subject-object-verb word order and gender agreement between nouns and adjectives. Despite being predominantly spoken within Ethiopian borders, Amharic holds cultural significance beyond national boundaries due to Ethiopia's historical influence on African politics and religion throughout centuries.

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