Hawaiian to Scots Gaelic Translation


Common Phrases From Hawaiian to Scots Gaelic

HawaiianScots Gaelic
MahaloTapadh leat
E ʻoluʻoluMas e do thoil e
E kala maiDuilich
AlohaMar sin leat
ʻAʻoleChan eil
Pehea ʻoe?Ciamar a tha thu?
E kala mai iaʻuGabh mo leisgeul
ʻaʻole maopopo iaʻuChan eil fios agam
Maopopo iaʻuTha mi a’ tuigsinn
Pēlā koʻu manaʻoTha mi a’ smaoineachadh gur e
Malia paha'S dòcha
A hui hou nōChì mi fhathast thu
E mālamaBi faiceallach
He aha lā?Dè tha ceàrr?
HoʻopoinaChan eil diofar
ʻae nō hoʻiGu dearbh
I kēia manawaAnns a’ bhad
E hele kāuaTiugainn

Interesting information about Hawaiian Language

Hawaiian is a Polynesian language spoken by the indigenous people of Hawaii. It has around 24 letters in its alphabet and features simple phonetics, making it relatively easy to pronounce for English speakers. The Hawaiian language holds cultural significance as it was traditionally used in chants, songs, and storytelling. However, due to colonization and efforts to suppress native languages during the late 19th century onwards, Hawaiian experienced a decline in usage over time. In recent years though there has been an increased effort towards revitalizing the language with various initiatives promoting its learning and preservation. Today, there are estimated to be approximately 2,000 fluent speakers of Hawaiian along with many more learners who aim at keeping this unique linguistic heritage alive.

Know About Scots Gaelic Language

Scots Gaelic, also known as Scottish Gaelic or simply Gàidhlig, is a Celtic language primarily spoken in Scotland. It belongs to the Goidelic branch of the Celtic languages and shares similarities with Irish and Manx Gaelic. With around 57,000 speakers today, it remains an important part of Scottish culture. Historically suppressed by English dominance following political events such as the Battle of Culloden in 1746 and subsequent Highland Clearances during the 18th century, efforts have been made to revive Scots Gaelic over recent decades. The language has official recognition within Scotland's devolved government since 2005. The written form uses a modified Latin alphabet consisting of eighteen letters including diacritical marks like acute accents (á) or grave accents (è). Traditional literature includes ancient sagas called "Fianaigecht" along with religious texts translated from Latin into Scots Gaelic throughout history.

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