Kurdish to Albanian Translation


Common Phrases From Kurdish to Albanian

Sipas ji wereFaleminderit
Ji kerema xwe veJu lutem
BiboreNa vjen keq
Bi xatirê teMirupafshim
Halê we çawa ye?Si jeni?
BibûreMë falni
Ez nizanimUne nuk e di
Ez dizanime kuptoj
Ez wisa difikirimkeshtu mendoj
Paşê ezê te bibînimShihemi me vone
Miqatê xwe beKujdesu
Çi heye?Ckemi?
Guh nedêMos u mërzit
Bê gumanSigurisht
De em herinShkojme

Interesting information about Kurdish Language

Kurdish is an Indo-European language primarily spoken by the Kurdish people, who are spread across a region known as Kurdistan. It belongs to the Northwestern Iranian branch of languages and has several dialects such as Kurmanji, Sorani, and Pehlewani. With over 30 million speakers worldwide, it holds official status in Iraq (Sorani) and is recognized in Iran (Kurmanji). The Kurdish alphabet uses a modified version of the Latin script for Kurmanji while Arabic-based scripts are used for Sorani. Historically oppressed under various regimes that sought to suppress their culture and language, Kurds have fought hard to preserve their linguistic heritage throughout history.

Know About Albanian Language

Albanian is an Indo-European language primarily spoken in Albania and Kosovo, with significant communities of speakers also found in North Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece, Italy, Serbia and Turkey. It has around 7 million native speakers worldwide. Albanian consists of two main dialects: Gheg (spoken mainly in the north) and Tosk (spoken mainly in the south). The alphabet used to write Albanian is called "Elbasan script" or simply "Albanian alphabet," consisting of 36 letters. Interestingly enough, it's one of a few languages that have preserved their original sound system from ancient times until today. Moreover, Albanians are known for their strong sense of national identity tied closely to their unique language.

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