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Common Phrases From Samoan to Kazakh

Fa'afetaiРақмет сізге
TalofaСәлеметсіз бе
TofaСау болыңыз
O a mai oe?Қалдарыңыз қалай?
Oute le iloaМен білмеймін
Ou te malamalamaМен түссіндім
Faiatu ai foiМен солай деп ойлаймын
Feiloai mulimuli aneКейінірек кездесеміз
Faifai leleiӨз-өзіңді күт
A faafefea oe?Не хабар?
Aua le popoleОқасы жоқ
Ae aӘрине
Taimi nei lavaЛезде
Tatou oБарайық

Interesting information about Samoan Language

Samoan is a Polynesian language spoken by approximately 500,000 people worldwide. It serves as the official language of Samoa and American Samoa. With strong cultural significance to Samoans, it plays an integral role in their daily lives and rituals. The language has its roots in Austronesian languages but possesses distinct features like glottal stops (closing off airflow) that are unique to Polynesia. Samoan employs a phonemic writing system with 14 consonants and five vowels represented by Latin characters. Its grammar follows subject-verb-object word order, complemented by extensive use of particles for sentence structure clarification. The rich oral tradition of storytelling remains prominent within the Samoan community, preserving ancient myths and legends through this vibrant linguistic heritage.

Know About Kazakh Language

Kazakh is a Turkic language spoken mainly in Kazakhstan, where it holds the status of official language. It also has recognition as an official minority language in neighboring countries such as Russia and China. With approximately 13 million native speakers worldwide, Kazakh belongs to the Kipchak branch of the Turkic family of languages. The Kazakh alphabet was initially written using Arabic script until 1929 when Latin-based orthography replaced it; later on, Cyrillic became its writing system from 1940-2017 before switching back to Latin again. This transition aimed at strengthening cultural identity and aligning with other Turkic nations utilizing Latin scripts like Turkey or Azerbaijan.

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