Somali to Hawaiian Translation


Common Phrases From Somali to Hawaiian

FadlanE ʻoluʻolu
Waan ka xumahayE kala mai
nabad gelyoAloha
Sidee tahay?Pehea ʻoe?
Raali noqoE kala mai iaʻu
Ma garanayoʻaʻole maopopo iaʻu
waan fahmayMaopopo iaʻu
sidaas ayaan u maleynayaaPēlā koʻu manaʻo
Waxaa laga yaabaa inMalia paha
is arag danbeA hui hou nō
Iska ilaaliE mālama
Maxaa jira?He aha lā?
Waligaa ha ka welwelinHoʻopoina
Dabcanʻae nō hoʻi
Isla markiibaI kēia manawa
Aan tagnoE hele kāua

Interesting information about Somali Language

Somali is an Afro-Asiatic language spoken by the Somali people, primarily in Somalia and neighboring regions of Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, and Yemen. It belongs to the Cushitic branch within this language family. With over 15 million native speakers worldwide, it serves as a lingua franca for various ethnic groups in East Africa. The Somali script utilizes Latin characters with additional diacritical marks to represent unique phonemes such as retroflex consonants. The language has several dialects including Northern (Isaaq), Central (Hawiye), Southern (Digil-Mirifle), and Maay. Grammar-wise, Somali follows a subject-object-verb word order along with extensive use of noun inflections indicating case relations like nominative/accusative or genitive/directional cases; there are no grammatical gender distinctions nor definite/indefinite articles. Overall, Somali stands out due to its rich oral tradition encompassing poetry known as "maanso" which plays a significant cultural role among Somalis globally.

Know About Hawaiian Language

Hawaiian is a Polynesian language spoken by the indigenous people of Hawaii. It has around 24 letters in its alphabet and features simple phonetics, making it relatively easy to pronounce for English speakers. The Hawaiian language holds cultural significance as it was traditionally used in chants, songs, and storytelling. However, due to colonization and efforts to suppress native languages during the late 19th century onwards, Hawaiian experienced a decline in usage over time. In recent years though there has been an increased effort towards revitalizing the language with various initiatives promoting its learning and preservation. Today, there are estimated to be approximately 2,000 fluent speakers of Hawaiian along with many more learners who aim at keeping this unique linguistic heritage alive.

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