Swedish to Welsh Translation


Common Phrases From Swedish to Welsh

Snälla duOs gwelwch yn dda
FörlåtMae'n ddrwg gennyf
AdjöHwyl fawr
NejNac ydw
Hur mår du?Sut wyt ti?
Ursäkta migEsgusodwch fi
Jag vet inteDydw i ddim yn gwybod
jag förstårRwy'n deall
jag tror detRwy'n credu hynny
Vi ses senareWela'i di wedyn
Ta hand om digCymerwch ofal
Vad händer?Beth sydd i fyny?
Glöm detDim ots
SjälvklartWrth gwrs
DirektAr unwaith
Nu går viAwn ni

Interesting information about Swedish Language

Swedish is a North Germanic language primarily spoken in Sweden and parts of Finland. It belongs to the Indo-European language family, specifically the East Scandinavian branch. With around 10 million speakers worldwide, Swedish serves as an official language in both Sweden and Finland. The Swedish alphabet consists of 29 letters including three additional characters (Å, Ä, Ö). The grammar follows a subject-verb-object word order with noun inflections for gender (common or neuter) and number (singular or plural). Swedish has influenced English vocabulary through loanwords like "smorgasbord" and "ombudsman." Notable features include tonal accents that can change meanings subtly; however, these are less prominent than in other Scandinavian languages. Literary works by renowned authors such as August Strindberg have contributed significantly to the rich literary tradition within this fascinating Nordic tongue.

Know About Welsh Language

Welsh is a Celtic language spoken primarily in Wales, United Kingdom. It has around 750,000 speakers worldwide and holds official status in Wales alongside English. The Welsh alphabet consists of 28 letters and includes unique characters such as "ll" and "ch." This ancient language dates back over two millennia to the Brythonic branch of the Celtic languages. Despite its decline during periods of English dominance, efforts have been made to revitalize it since the mid-20th century through education initiatives and increased use by public institutions. Welsh also boasts a rich literary tradition with notable works like Mabinogion being written in this enchanting tongue.

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