Vietnamese to Tajik Translation


Common Phrases From Vietnamese to Tajik

Cảm ơnсипос
Vui lòngЛутфан
Lấy làm tiếcБубахшед
Xin chàoСалом
Tạm biệtХайр
Bạn có khỏe không?Шумо чӣ хелед?
Xin lỗiМебахшед
Tôi không biếtМан намедонам
Tôi hiểuман мефаҳмам
tôi nghĩ vậyҳамфикрам
Có lẽМумкин ки
Hẹn gặp lạiТо дидор
Bảo trọngПарвояшро кун
Có chuyện gì vậy?Чӣ хабар?
Đừng bận tâmФикрашро накун
Tất nhiên rồiАлбатта
Ngay lập tứcЯкбора
Đi nàoРафтем

Interesting information about Vietnamese Language

Vietnamese is the official language of Vietnam, spoken by over 90 million people worldwide. It belongs to the Austroasiatic language family and uses a Latin-based script with additional diacritical marks called "dấu" for tonal representation. Vietnamese has six tones that significantly affect word meaning, making it a tonal language similar to Mandarin Chinese or Thai. The vocabulary in Vietnamese consists mostly of monosyllabic words derived from native roots as well as loanwords from French, English, and other languages due to historical influences. The grammar follows subject-verb-object (SVO) sentence structure but lacks grammatical gender distinctions. Despite regional dialects across different provinces in Vietnam, Standard Vietnamese serves as the standardized form used in education and media throughout the country.

Know About Tajik Language

Tajik is a Persian language spoken primarily in Tajikistan, where it serves as the official language. It also has significant communities of speakers in Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. As part of the Indo-Iranian branch of languages, Tajik shares similarities with other Iranian languages such as Farsi (Persian) and Dari. With over 5 million native speakers worldwide, it utilizes the Cyrillic script for writing purposes since Soviet times; however, there are ongoing efforts to reintroduce Perso-Arabic script due to cultural ties with Iran. The vocabulary consists mainly of words derived from Persian but incorporates loanwords from Russian and Arabic too.

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