Macedonian to Igbo Translation


Common Phrases From Macedonian to Igbo

Ви благодарамDaalụ
Ве моламBiko
ЗбогумKa ọ dị
Како си?Kedu ka ị mere?
Извини меCheregodi
не знамAmaghị m
разбирамAghọtara m
Така мисламeche m
МожебиEnwere ike
Се гледаме подоцнаKa ahụ ma emechaa
Чувај сеLedo onwe gị
Што има?Kedu nke na-eme?
Не е важноHapụzie
Да одимеKa a pụọ

Interesting information about Macedonian Language

Macedonian is an official language spoken by approximately 2 million people primarily in North Macedonia and the Macedonian diaspora. It belongs to the South Slavic branch of Indo-European languages, closely related to Bulgarian but with distinct phonological and grammatical features. The Cyrillic script is used for writing Macedonian since its standardization in 1945, replacing a previous version based on Serbian orthography. Its vocabulary has influences from Greek, Turkish, Albanian, Romanian and other neighboring languages due to historical interactions within the region. Notably rich in dialects across different regions of North Macedonia, it remains mutually intelligible among speakers throughout the country despite some minor variations.

Know About Igbo Language

Igbo, also known as Ibo or Ndi Igbo, is a language spoken by the Igbo people of Nigeria. It belongs to the Niger-Congo language family and is classified under the Volta-Niger branch. With over 20 million speakers worldwide, it is one of Africa's most widely spoken languages. The writing system used for Igbo was developed in the early 19th century by Christian missionaries based on Latin script with additional diacritics to represent tonal variations. As a tonal language, meaning that pitch differences change word meanings, there are approximately eight tones in standard Igbo pronunciation. In recent years, efforts have been made to promote its preservation through education and cultural initiatives within Nigerian society.

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