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Common Phrases From Sanskrit to Ukrainian

कृपयाБудь ласка
पुनर्दर्शनायдо побачення
भवान्‌ कथमसि?Як справи?
क्षमा प्रयच्छ मेВибачте
अहं जानामि माНе знаю
अहम्‌ अवगच्छामिЯ розумію
अहं तथा मन्येя думаю так
भवेत्‌Може бути
तत् पश्चात् अहं त्वां पश्यामिПобачимось
अन्यत् किं?Як справи?
चिंतां मास्तुНе зважай
सद्यः एवЗразу

Interesting information about Sanskrit Language

Sanskrit, an ancient Indo-Aryan language, holds great historical and cultural significance. It is considered the mother of all languages in India and has influenced numerous modern Indian languages. Sanskrit's origin can be traced back to around 1500 BCE when it was used as a sacred language for Hindu rituals and religious texts like the Vedas. Known for its complex grammar system with precise rules, Sanskrit boasts an extensive vocabulary that includes over one lakh words (100,000+). Its script consists of Devanagari characters which are also utilized by several contemporary Indian languages such as Hindi and Marathi. Despite being primarily classical now, efforts continue to revive spoken Sanskrit through various educational institutions worldwide.

Know About Ukrainian Language

Ukrainian is the official language of Ukraine, spoken by over 40 million people worldwide. It belongs to the East Slavic branch of languages and shares similarities with Russian and Belarusian. Ukrainian uses a variant of Cyrillic script for its writing system, consisting of 33 letters. The vocabulary in Ukrainian has been influenced by various sources including Old Church Slavonic, Polish, Turkish, Germanic languages (due to historical interactions), as well as borrowings from English in recent times. It possesses seven grammatical cases: nominative, genitive dative accusative instrumental locative vocative; three genders: masculine feminine neuter; two numbers - singular plural; and verb conjugation follows regular patterns based on tense aspect mood voice person number gender or honorific status if applicable. Prominent writers such as Taras Shevchenko have contributed significantly to shaping modern literary Ukrainian through their works.

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