Yiddish to Kurdish Translation


Common Phrases From Yiddish to Kurdish

אדאנקSipas ji were
ביטעJi kerema xwe ve
זייַ געזונטBi xatirê te
וואס מאכסטו?Halê we çawa ye?
אנטשולדיגט מירBibûre
איך וויס נישטEz nizanim
איך פארשטייEz dizanim
איך טראכט אזויEz wisa difikirim
זאל זייןBelkî
מען וועט זיך זעהןPaşê ezê te bibînim
היט זיךMiqatê xwe be
וואס טוט זיך?Çi heye?
מאכט נישט אויסGuh nedê
זיכערBê guman
שוין יעצטBilez
לאמיר גייןDe em herin

Interesting information about Yiddish Language

Yiddish is a Germanic language spoken by Ashkenazi Jews. It originated in the 9th century and developed as a fusion of Hebrew, Aramaic, Old French, Slavic languages (primarily Polish), and other local dialects. Yiddish was primarily used among Jewish communities in Central and Eastern Europe until World War II when it faced severe decline due to persecution during the Holocaust. Today, approximately one million people speak or understand Yiddish worldwide. The language uses an adapted version of the Hebrew alphabet with some additional characters for specific sounds. Notably rich in vocabulary related to everyday life, culture, humor,and religion,Yiddish serves as an important link between generations preserving Jewish heritage through literature,theater,music,and film.

Know About Kurdish Language

Kurdish is an Indo-European language primarily spoken by the Kurdish people, who are spread across a region known as Kurdistan. It belongs to the Northwestern Iranian branch of languages and has several dialects such as Kurmanji, Sorani, and Pehlewani. With over 30 million speakers worldwide, it holds official status in Iraq (Sorani) and is recognized in Iran (Kurmanji). The Kurdish alphabet uses a modified version of the Latin script for Kurmanji while Arabic-based scripts are used for Sorani. Historically oppressed under various regimes that sought to suppress their culture and language, Kurds have fought hard to preserve their linguistic heritage throughout history.

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