Learning a new language can be an enriching experience. Not only does it open up doors to different cultures and opportunities, but it also enhances cognitive abilities and improves communication skills. However, many people are deterred from learning a new language due to the misconception that it is difficult or requires expensive classes. The truth is, there are several languages that you can learn on your own for free! This blog post will explore nine of the easiest languages to learn independently without breaking the bank.

1. Spanish:

With over 460 million speakers worldwide, Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages globally, after Mandarin Chinese and English. Its straightforward pronunciation rules make it easy for beginners to grasp quickly. Additionally, resources like Duolingo offer comprehensive lessons in Spanish at no cost.

2. French:

Known as “the language of love,” French has around 275 million speakers across five continents, making it another popular choice for self-learners. Websites like Babbel provide interactive exercises and audio recordings for independent learners.

3. German:

While German may seem intimidating with its complex grammar rules and compound words, don’t let that discourage you! Many online platforms like Memrise offer free courses tailored towards beginners who want to tackle this fascinating European language known for its precision.

4. Italian:

If you have ever dreamed about exploring Italy’s rich culture or indulging in authentic Italian cuisine while conversing fluently with locals – then learning Italian might be perfect! With similarities between English vocabulary and sentence structure patterns in Italian sentences, picking up basic conversation skills becomes relatively more straightforward than in other romance languages!

5. Portuguese:

As Brazil continues gaining global recognition both economically & culturally, Portuguese emerges as another fantastic option when considering which foreign tongue deserves some attention during our quest toward multilingualism (or simply wanting more options). Online communities dedicated solely to teaching newcomers how best to study their language exist, and it’s worth checking out!

6. Dutch:

Dutch is a West Germanic language spoken by approximately 23 million people worldwide. It shares similarities with English in terms of vocabulary and grammar structure, making it relatively easy for native English speakers to pick up. Websites like Transparent Language offer free online resources specifically designed for self-study.

7. Swedish:

With its melodic tones and straightforward grammar rules, Swedish is an excellent choice for beginners looking to learn a Scandinavian language. Online platforms such as Babbel provide interactive lessons that cover everything from basic vocabulary to more complex sentence structures.

8. Norwegian:

Norwegian may not be the most commonly studied foreign language, but learning this Nordic tongue can open doors if you visit Norway or other Scandinavian countries where Norwegian is widely understood. Resources like Memrise offer courses tailored towards independent learners who want to explore this unique linguistic landscape without spending a dime.

9. Japanese:

While Japanese might seem daunting due to its intricate writing system (hiragana, katakana, kanji), numerous free online resources are available that break down these complexities into manageable steps. Platforms like Tofugu provide comprehensive guides and interactive exercises suitable for self-learners at any level.


Learning a new language doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive! With the abundance of free online resources available today, anyone can independently embark on their journey toward multilingualism. Whether you choose Spanish or Japanese – take advantage of websites like Duolingo, Babbel, Memrise & others mentioned above; they will guide your progress every step while keeping costs low, too! So why wait? Start exploring one of these nine easiest languages now – broaden your horizons culturally AND linguistically without breaking bank accounts.

By Veeru

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