Yiddish to Bosnian Translation


Common Phrases From Yiddish to Bosnian

אדאנקHvala ti
ביטעMolim te
זייַ געזונטDoviđenja
וואס מאכסטו?Kako si?
אנטשולדיגט מירOprostite
איך וויס נישטNe znam
איך פארשטייRazumijem
איך טראכט אזויMislim da jesam
זאל זייןMožda
מען וועט זיך זעהןVidimo se kasnije
היט זיךČuvaj se
וואס טוט זיך?Šta ima?
מאכט נישט אויסNema veze
שוין יעצטOdmah
לאמיר גייןIdemo

Interesting information about Yiddish Language

Yiddish is a Germanic language spoken by Ashkenazi Jews. It originated in the 9th century and developed as a fusion of Hebrew, Aramaic, Old French, Slavic languages (primarily Polish), and other local dialects. Yiddish was primarily used among Jewish communities in Central and Eastern Europe until World War II when it faced severe decline due to persecution during the Holocaust. Today, approximately one million people speak or understand Yiddish worldwide. The language uses an adapted version of the Hebrew alphabet with some additional characters for specific sounds. Notably rich in vocabulary related to everyday life, culture, humor,and religion,Yiddish serves as an important link between generations preserving Jewish heritage through literature,theater,music,and film.

Know About Bosnian Language

Bosnian is a South Slavic language primarily spoken in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It shares mutual intelligibility with Croatian, Serbian, and Montenegrin due to their similar linguistic origins. The Bosnian alphabet uses Latin script but also incorporates the Cyrillic script for official purposes. With approximately 2 million speakers worldwide, it holds an important place as one of three official languages in Bosnia and Herzegovina alongside Croatian and Serbian. The grammar structure of Bosnian follows the rules of Indo-European languages while incorporating some Turkish loanwords from Ottoman rule during its history. Its vocabulary consists mainly of words derived from Serbo-Croatian roots along with influences from other neighboring Balkan countries such as Turkey or Austria-Hungary. Overall, Bosnian serves as an essential means for communication within this culturally diverse region.

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